Hydrogen Solutions International (H2Si) has developed a technology platform for the production and storage of hydrogen to enable the use of portable fuel-cells. The company’s proprietary technology is designed to safely generate high-quality hydrogen from a silicon-based fuel source utilizing abundant raw materials – namely water. The HydrogeNow technology uses low cost raw materials ( e.g. sand and lime) in its portfolio of compounds to rapidly and safely generate hydrogen when and where needed. More than half of the hydrogen liberated is obtained from water which is the co-reactant. The water need not be pure and in fact can be brackish water, salt water or urine.

Hydrogen Solutions International  silane technologies are superior to other technologies for storage of high purity hydrogen since borohydrides, metal hydrides, and ammonia boranes are expensive, hygroscopic, and unstable. Our fuel cell, which uses a silicon based fuel source, is cheaper and more stable than the competitive alternatives. Because it uses water in the production of fuel, it is not negatively affected by it. The Hydrogen Solutions International  fuel canister is also biodegradable. This is advantageous in that once the fuel has been used; the residue can be discarded without being concerned about releasing toxic pollutants into the environment.


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